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              Dalian Pilot Electronic Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the production of vacuum power supplies. The company adheres to the product-based, long-term business development philosophy, the regulation and  process of production with strict standards, and the provision of lifelong technical guidance and maintenance services, thereby achieving brand empowerment, long-term operation and zero risks for customers.

              Since the mid-1980s, our company has carried out technology research and development, production and application in the vacuum field. All kinds of power supplies used in the early vacuum industry in China, including but not limited to magnetically tuned multi-arc power supply, thyristor DC sputtering power supply, thyristor type bias power supply, etc., are all from the hands of our own staff. In the past years, our company has been humbly adopting customer suggestions, insisting upon the learning of vacuum knowledge in different fields, motivating by constantly developing technological innovation, and iterating high-quality power supplies of multiple generations, including but not limited to DC sputtering power supply, middle frequency sputtering power supply, pulse bias power supply, ion plating multi-arc power supply. These power supplies can significantly improve the ionization rate of various metal and non-metallic targets, adapt to vacuum cavities of various structures, and have excellent operating performances.

              Up to now, our company has developed various types of innovated power supplies, generally with small sizes, high stabilities, finer coating particles, stronger adhesion, and more shiny exteriors. In addition, our company also supports customization on demand. We thereby welcome all to engage in future cooperation with our company.



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